Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 - the good.

So like most of the world, I have been feeling pretty thumbs down about 2016.  In retrospect, it really wasn’t all that bad, but it was certainly one of the most annoying and frustrating years in recent memory. 

The other day I poached two eggs.  The first one came out perfect.  It was the perfect shape, cooked cleanly in the water, and was cooked to perfection.  I was so happy and proud.  The second egg was a wreck.  I dropped it into the water, and it completely came apart.  It foamed, lost its shape, became disconnected, and looked like the mess it was.  These two eggs pretty well sum up 2016.  It had its moments of pure perfection, balanced with messes along the way.

However, I am thankful for my friends and family, and happy that everyone is well and healthy.  Everything else is just stuff.  As something I saw on Pinterest said, 1) don’t sweat the small stuff, and 2) it’s all small stuff.

So here I choose to reflect on the top moments of 2016.  Looking back through these pictures helped me to see that 2016 wasn’t that bad.  In fact, it was pretty good.

I visited my friend Kayla in Wisconsin!  It was a beer & cheese filled good time.  This was at the Miller plant tour.

After years or long locks, I chopped them for a shorter do.

I made this cake from scratch with my new stand mixer for Easter.
Evan, Mom and I crossed the Shark Bridge at the Newport Aquarium.

Had a little on screen time talking about Farm Credit for a local network.

Went with Randi to visit my second parents in Florida!

Mom and I visited the Biltmore Estate (and winery of course).

Enjoyed one of the best brunch delights - a sandwich at BiscuitHead in Asheville, NC.

This part was sad, but a milestone nonetheless.  Jeepie and I went our separate ways.

Rode a river boat with Lynn & Rita.

Went to Kings Island with Rose.

Waited for hours and almost thirsted to death to see the HRC - so worth it. 

The family vacation to HHI.

I moved home to the farm, and when the parents went out of town, I protected newborn calves from ass hole buzzards.

Went to a couple of OSU games with Emily.

Laughed at these crazy kittens (RIP to one of them).

FINALLY WON A BEST OF SHOW RIBBON AT THE BROWN COUNTY FAIR!  The entry was green tomato chutney.

Saw one of my all time faves on stage.

Spent time with BFF Abby & her cute little Baby Morgan.

Went as a talking mime for halloween, accompanied by a ninja turtle.

 I got snapchat.  And mostly learned how to use it.

DISNEYLAND! I went to there.

Rode Mary Poppins / Julie Andrews' carousel horse.

Witnessed a Bengals loss in person - as usual.

Threw a baby shower for my BFF.

Pigged out on Haiku sushi one last time.

Played with my sweet little nephew, who is hilarious.

Gained a new little nephew, too!

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